The “uhlsport” brand – a purely football brand. uhlsport has developed since 1998 from a specialist supplier of goalkeeper kit to a brand covering all football requirements and has now become a serious alternative to the major brands.

The strengths of uhlsport are undoubtedly its strong focusing on innovation and new technologies, thus leading to patented products distinguished by a strongly expressive design. No shortcuts can be taken with regard to quality and functionality, a pledge to customers which uhlsport honours in every respect. uhlsport regards itself as a complete equipper in the football sector, focusing entirely on the development of individual products and team sport equipment.


The "Sala" brand - more than indoor football. Perfection is the interaction between creativity and perseverence. Futsal demands not only technical ability, complete ball controll and higmobility skills but also the ability to change your speed and position quickly. Futsal is a fast thinking game that demands full concentration at all times and the best support you can get.

uhlsport has dedicated its sub-brand SALA to this particular version of indoor football. SALA signifies the uhlsport range of products for the active player of futsal ranging from specially created balls to shoes specially designed for this type of sport plus variety of other products.