uhlsport Headquarters has established itself since 2002 as a leading team sport specialist, with a range of brands that covers the most important team sports.

Team sport specialist – not only a statement. As a team sport specialist, uhlsport Headquarters dedicates itself to the three leading team sports in Germany: football, handball and basketball. This means that we focus on the needs of each sport in every respect, but particularly in the area of product development. It was thus inevitable that this vision should result in a multiple branding strategy at uhlsport Headquarters, with brand names clearly illustrating the purpose of the product – to meet all the requirements of the particular sport in question. The concept of each product being a brand was specially developed for each individual sport. Just as a football boot cannot replace a handball shoe, the textiles employed in each sport are also unique to their game. The product range bearing the brand name “uhlsport” is adapted in every respect to suit the demands and requirements of football, products bearing the brand name “Kempa” have been specially developed for handball and “Spalding” products are uniquely suited to basketball.

Headquarters is the team sport specialist encompassing our three brands, as all our brands embody an honest message and inviolable content which everybody can experience in our products:

  • Continuous and professional development for the true needs of sportsmen and women
  • Maximum product quality and optimum functionality

uhlsport – within everyone’s reach. In common with our subsidiaries in France, Spain and Sweden, uhlsport Headquarters has an indirect sales and distribution structure. Selected distributors and specialised retail partners ensure direct contact to all sport enthusiasts on a global level.