Code of Conduct

The uhlsport GmbH will only do business with vendors and suppliers that share the company’s ethos of maintaining the highest legal, ethical and moral standards.

Our goal is to create and encourage the construction of long-term relationships that provide good jobs at fair wages and also improve conditions in their communities.

All facilities that supply our products, including internal plants, contractors, licensees or other business partners (named as “Suppliers”) are expected to comply with the uhlsport GmbH “Code of Conduct” and to guarantee compliance in all contracting, subcontracting or other relationships. In establishing these guidelines, the uhlsport GmbH believes it is effectively exercising its economic leverage with business partners to encourage their full compliance with laws designed to protect their employees and to support the highest standards of business conducts.

It is the highest effort of uhlsport GmbH that our products aren´t only untainted and qualitatively great, but will be also produced in the partner companies after exactly agreed social standards.

uhlsport GmbH demands the consistent adherence of valid, accepted and binding social standards of the production plants used worldwide.

Further, uhlsport GmbH has committed itself by the membership in amfori (Trade with Purpose) to the fulfilment of far-reaching social standards in manufacturing our products. These include policies to the industrial safety, in particular also the regulation of working hours, an adequate compensation, humane terms of employment, the supply of public health service and social facilities as well as the plain ban of any form of child employment, forced labour or discrimination.

The observance of these social standards is controlled at regular intervals by independent test institutions and audited.





In addition, uhlsport GmbH is involved with other international clothing enterprises in an arrangement which was developed by trade unions and labour legislation organisations to improve the fire and building safety in Bangladesh (Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh). We want to express our workings to take over social responsibility in our production countries.

Accord is an independent, legally binding arrangement between brands and trade unions designed to work towards a sure and healthy clothing industry in Bangladesh. Our aim is to create a working sphere in which no worker must be afraid of fires, construction collapse or other accidents which could be prevented with adequate health and safety measures.








The following Guidelines have been developed to ensure consistent compliance by all suppliers and vendors. The uhlsport GmbH recognizes that the Guidelines will also assist management in selecting business partners that follow work place standards and practices consistent.


Respect for employees:



Our suppliers are obliged to pay the minimum wage or the suitable usual wage and to keep to all juridical demands with regard to settlement. The wages are timely, regular and completely in a legal currency to pay. Employees own a right on an adequate reimbursement which is sufficient to allow to them and her families a human life.

Working Hours:

Our suppliers are not allowed to let their employees work after the legally regulated normal working hours or for more than the legally allowed extra hours number. Under no circumstances is the normal week to consist of more than 48 hours. At least 24 successive rest hours are entitled in every 7-day period to employees. Except under special circumstances, the combined time of the regular working hours and extra hours may not exceed 60 hours in one week.

Employment Relationship:

Our suppliers have to introduce rules and conditions to adhere which employees respect and protect according to the national and international labour laws and social security laws and working regulations being entitled rights. They recognise and respect the rights of their employees to found in particular the right of associations of their choice or to join such.

Safety and Health:

Our suppliers have to ensure a healthy and safe working place which guarantees the health and security of their employees. The business partners are responsible for suitable working-medical care and the facilities linked with it. The employees have to receive the trainings and equipment which are necessary for a suitable performance of their duties.

Child Labour:

Our suppliers don´t employ children or young people who are still at the locally mandatory school-age or have not reached the minimum age for legal employment yet. Under no circumstances the minimum age may lie less than 15 years. Reliable mechanisms must be furnished within the scope of their setting procedure to the age report.

A special protection rules for youthful employees who excludes the night work and shows no danger for their health, security, morality and development. 

Forced labour:

Our suppliers will not use forced labour, in particular not within the scope of prison work, working obligation, slave work or debt slavery. Employees have the right to leave their job and to discontinue their employment under observance of an adequate term of notice towards the employer.

Harassment or Abuse:

Our suppliers will have a procedure in place to ensure that no worker is subject to physical castigation or other forms of psychic or physical abuse.



Our suppliers will not discriminate in employment including hiring, compensation, transportation, disciplinary actions, notice or retirement on the basis of gender, age, religion, race, caste, birth, social background, disablement, ethnic or national origin, nationality, political membership or view, sexual feeling or informal obligation, from excluding or from preferring.


Environmental sustainability:

Our suppliers have to take responsible procedures which reduce negative effects of their company on the environment. It is necessary that all local and international laws of the protection of the environment are kept and adequate actions are guaranteed, reduce around harmful effects to the community, natural resources and the environment all together.


Business Ethics:

From our suppliers it is expected that they are involved neither in corruption, extortion or embezzlement of every kind. Our suppliers may take part neither in the forgery of this information (activities, structure and achievement) nor in a deception action in the chain of delivery.