Ever since 1891, when American college professor James Naismith invented the basketball in Springfield/Massachusetts, the name Spalding has been inseparably associated with basketball. The first basketball which the Springfield students pitched at the “peach” basket was therefore a Spalding ball and, right up to the present, the basketball of all basketballs used by all NBA teams is a Spalding. It is no accident that Spalding also has its corporate headquarters in Springfield, the cradle of basketball and home to the illustrious Hall of Fame. And it is also no accident that Spalding is among the five best-known brands in sport, inseparably associated with the success story of American basketball.
Spalding is the epitome of the perfect basketball, where a secure hold, grip and excellent balance in the hand are extremely important when dribbling, pitching, passing and catching. Spalding is authentic and stands for quality and hold.

uhlsport Headquarters has held the distribution rights to the US brand for the most important European countries since 2002.